LaTorre Northwest

93-180La Torre-1 93-180La Torre-6 93-180La Torre-4 93-180La Torre-3 93-180La Torre-2

Portland Oregon
28,000 SF
3 Stories Mixed Use
Cost: $3 Million

How to transform and respect a 100 year old support structure from the Lewis & Clark World Exposition to a vibrant live-work landmark? A tall task that challenged everyone involved. First, it required being the first city project approved in a commercial mixed-use zone that was created with this project in mind. Second, a strict neighborhood design review and state historic review board had to be satisfied. Third, the project had to accommodate emerging seismic standards and building codes running hard against an old railing structure. Lastly, the project had to attract new users, accommodate current functions and be economically viable.

The result is a design that respects it’s historical roots, set the tone for redevelopment, complimented the neighborhood and enriched the livability for occupants. The ground floor includes commercial space and a secure parking garage. The upper level townhouse units have secure courtyard entry and private terraces.

Award of Excellence for Historic Adaptive Reuse & Commercial Mixed-Use 1996